VisiWin Training Courses

Maßgeschneidertes Schulungsprogramm

Get ready for a perfect start with VisiWin!
From newcomers to experts, our training courses are always tailored to your specific needs and wishes.
For more details about our training courses, please read the frequently asked questions and the answers below.

For any other question, please feel free to contact us.


When does the next training course take place?

We will make an appointment according to your preferences. Please let us know about your preferred time and date as soon as possible. Short-notice appointments are also possible depending on our workload.


Where do the training courses take place?

Wherever you like. There are as many reasons for training courses at your own premises as to visit us or one of our partners.
Everything we need is an appropriate room. For a larger group of participants, it should be possible to use a projector or a large monitor (which we can provide).

What kind of training courses do you offer? How long are they? What do I need to know in advance?

The Beginner Course

The Beginner Course

In this training course, you will learn the basics of VisiWin. More specifically, we will explain and show how, for example, to connect the PLC, create views, and create and allocate user rights.

Duration: 2 days, depending on your prior knowledge. Of course, we can arrange for a longer or shorter duration or break the course into blocks.

Prior knowledge: For a VisiWin beginner course no other knowledge is required besides what you need to know for your job anyway. Participants should have basic knowledge of Visual Basic .NET or C#.

Project-Related Beginner Course

Project-Related Beginner Course

The project-specific beginner course includes the beginner course and also treats the specifics of your envisioned project.

Duration: Please arrange with our training course specialists for the duration and the contents.

Prior knowledge: The same as with the beginner course.

VisiWin 7

VisiWin 7

We closely assist you with your VisiWin 7 projects. We even work together with our customers on their projects.

Duration: Depends on the project.

Prior knowledge: Knowledge of .NET, WPF and Expression Blend is required.

The Controls Development Course

The Controls Development Course

This special course is aimed at VisiWin users who have skills in .NET programming and want to learn how to develop new .NET controls with VisiWin. It is possible to extend VisiWin by custom controls. We refer to it as “the VisiWin construction kit”. Build your custom process visualization tool to save time on project development and to avoid bugs! We will show you how to do it! In the controls development course, you will learn how to integrate new controls into VisiWin and many other things about .NET controls development and usage.

Duration: 3 days

Prior knowledge: Experience with Visual Studio and .NET programming skills

The Driver Development Training Course

The Driver Development Training Course

Driver development is part of our day-to-day business and we offer a whole range of ready-made devices for PLC connection. However, some customers need to connect specific devices that use specific protocols. To meet this need, we offer a toolkit and a special training course in a package.

Duration: 1 day

Prior knowledge: Experience with Visual Studio and .NET programming skills

How many companies attend a training course?

Each training course is tailored to the specific needs of the customer. This is why we only offer individual courses to one company at a time. We will take your questions and wishes into account and adapt the contents accordingly.


My first project is starting soon. Can we discuss the project requirements in the training course?

Sure. Finding solutions together for a real project is the best thing to do. We can work on basics as well as on specific project requirements so that you have a concept ready to start off with your project.


Can I bring my laptop with me or even a PLC?

Certainly. Bring everything with you that you want to connect or use. (However, please keep in mind that we do not have a loading dock, a pallet transporter or a freight elevator...) A computer is not required but certainly useful. We will hand out any sample projects developed during the course to you so you can work through the course contents by yourself and even use the samples in your application.


I have no experience with high level languages at all. Do you offer C# or Visual Basic courses?

There are many companies specializing on such training programs that are really good. In our courses, however, we focus on VisiWin and closely related subjects. We do not offer general programming courses normally.
Of course, our training specialists are skilled Visual Basic and C# programmers themselves and will answer any questions that you may have during the course or while you are developing your application.


Will I get a certificate to prove my attendance on the course?

Each participant will receive a certificate if desired.