At INOSOFT, cooperation takes center stage. We believe in long-term and reliable partnerships. This applies to both customers and employees. A precondition for these successful relationships is corporate responsibility and compliance with laws and regulations. Every INOSOFT employee contributes to how the company is perceived by customers, suppliers, society, and colleagues. This is why all employees have made a commitment to comply with the Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct developed by the VDMA in cooperation with the ZVEI can be applied in any industry. It is based on internationally recognized standards and covers all relevant issues. The INOSOFT GmbH makes every effort to continuously apply all principles and values described in this Code of Conduct.

INOSOFT Code of Conduct

Environment And Sustainability

We feel committed to act in a responsible manner towards our environment. We comply with the relevant requirements and laws. We have committed ourselves to minimize the impact on the environment and to reduce pollution in all our activities.

INOSOFT GmbH contributes to reaching climate targets by reducing CO2 emissions and by using renewable energies. To this purpose, a photovoltaic system with a battery storage was installed at our premises, and any additional energy we purchase includes a large proportion of green electricity.

We support our employees’ environmental awareness by funding alternative means of transport such as e-bikes and by transitioning to electric mobility for our company fleet. To this end, we have installed charging stations on our parking area.


Diversity is important not only for our company culture but also for our business. Different people with different skills and perspectives working together achieve better results. However, the IT sector and the machinery industry are both industries where women are underrepresented. That’s why we are proud that 30 per cent of our employees are women. For our product development team, the ratio is 17 per cent. Furthermore, 40 per cent of the company belong to women.

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