Our Mission—Enabling the Extraordinary

As software experts, we build a bridge between people and machines. We consider ourselves creative problem solvers for whom technical limitations are challenges that lead to further development. Our innovative solutions with a focus on HMI and SCADA software for the monitoring of complex systems are intuitive and easy to use. We put great emphasis on our customers’ special requirements. The uniquely open architecture allows to implement the required connection scenario without any compromise.

INOSOFT offers a complete package that includes the powerful VisiWin HMI software, decades of experience as well as individual support and turn-key applications.

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Our Vision—an Open System for Smart Solutions of the Digital Future

We are oriented towards future trends, constantly expanding our know-how in line with our target industries. In the context of Industrial Digitalization, HMI and SCADA systems are facing new challenges regarding networked systems and process optimization. Our goal is to make technologies accessible to people and machines in order to help our customers realize their full potential.


To future-proof our products, we are currently focusing on the following topics in product development:


Web-based user interfaces and a .NET-based runtime system for Windows and Linux allow to operate applications on a variety of devices and platforms.


The container-based approach allows to run applications in various environments ranging from edge devices to applications in the cloud. Easy to integrate via automation app stores.


Open and secure communication APIs provide for multiple vertical and horizontal integration options.


Intelligent data acquisition, data compression, and data analysis increase machine efficiency and allow various customer-specific analysis options.


Modularization and automated project packing and creation enable efficient engineering. The perfect combination of parameterization and programming makes the extraordinary possible.


High usability achieved by combining function and design increase productivity.

Our History—37 Years of Machine Visualization

INOSOFT is a registered firm engaged in the development of automation systems for the plastics industry.

The objective: To build a bridge between people and machines by visualizing digital processes.

In 1990, the first INOSOFT product appears on the market. VisiPro is a controlling and visualization program for the industrial user. INOSOFT releases further developments related to process visualization including drivers and specialized industry solutions.

The success leads to new employees being recruited in order to meet the growing demand. As a result, the company moves to larger premises.

Windows becomes increasingly popular in the world of process visualization. INOSOFT discovers Visual Basic, which is viewed as the perfect platform for visualization products. VisiWin is the first process visualization software that is entirely integrated into a programming environment. The software is released in 1995 and presented at the Hannover Fair the same year. In subsequent years, the product is adapted so as to generate DOS applications and follow the development of Visual Basic from the 16-bit to the 32-bit system.

Digitec Vertriebs GmbH, an affiliated company, is now responsible for the distribution of VisiWin in South Germany and Austria.

As a next step of development, a new product is launched on the market—VisiWinStudio, reengineered and extended in all major parts, including the client-server architecture. Windows CE becomes attractive as an operating system for automation. INOSOFT tackles this subject. Process visualization software VisiWin-X CE and the development of operating system images are a new business area.

To allow for further growth, new premises are built. On the day after the sps ipc drives trade fair, the company moves into the new building in Hiddenhausen. Exhibits brought back from the trade fair are unloaded straight into the new premises.

... and we are joining in. VisiWinNET Professional is the first process visualization software that is integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003. It is followed by VisiWinNET 6 for Visual Studio 2005 featuring a new, independent development environment—VisiWinNET Smart. Furthermore, VisiWinNET now supports WPF.

In 2006, INOSOFT AG starts the distribution of VisiWin in Switzerland.

INOSOFT celebrates its 25th anniversary.

With VisiWin 7, INOSOFT develops an HMI software based entirely on WPF. As far as graphics are concerned, anything that a graphics card can produce is now feasible. High-quality user interfaces are coming into reach. The first projects with the new partner ERGOSIGN are taking a very positive course. This leads to the foundation of an expert network—the HMI Alliance. In 2014, VisiWin 7.0 RTM is officially released.

In 2018, the successful cooperation with KEBA is launched.

In the subsequent year, VisiWin 7 Web UI Designer is released. The HTML5 designer allows to create Web UI projects without knowledge of HTML. The familiar VisiWin controls can be added to the user interface by simply placing and configuring them. 2022 sees the launch of VisiWin Cross-Platform HMI including an app for Docker & Co.

The senior managing directors Dipl.-Ing. Peter Tanneberg and Dipl.-Ing. Roland Riediger entrust Dipl.-Inf. Jens Klocke, the youngest member of the management team, with the task of leading the company from April 2019 on.  After many years of cooperation, INOSOFT Solutions becomes part of INOSOFT GmbH, and our long-term partner in Landau draws closer too by changing the name to INOSOFT Süd.

We have never lost sight of our original goal and our mission.

At INOSOFT, cooperation takes center stage. We believe in long-term and reliable partnerships. This applies to both customers and employees. Through this experience and the intensive exchange, our products and services grow steadily, offering more than the average. Our determination to exceed expectations is driven by our team’s passion and creativity. Our curiousness and agility form the basis of how we achieve our big vision of tomorrow by taking the right steps today.

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