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We do not only provide innovative products but also assist you throughout your project development process supported by our systems.
To provide that service, we either resort to our own staff or subcontract competent and carefully selected, qualified partners.

We would be pleased to do the following for you:

Turn-Key Applications

Turn-Key Applications

This kind of service is subject to one drawback. You would miss the opportunity of using our VisiWin HMI software.

Otherwise we should sit down together and discuss your requirements. You will benefit from the rich experience of our experts. We will make proposals and develop an implementation concept together with you. As soon as everything has been clarified, we will calculate the cost and make a fixed price offer.


  • Elaboration of the system specification
  • Creation of views and images
  • Configuration of all VisiWin functions
  • Implementation of application-specific extensions in compliance with your guidelines concerning code formatting, naming, and documentation
  • Creation of the documentation (e.g. online help)
  • Integration of databases
  • Integration of additional components such as scanners and printers
  • Development of application installers
  • Setup on the target system

The delivery includes all source code, files, and documents with it. We will also instruct you on the project if you wish.

Collaboration and Assistance

Calloboration Assistance

You are drowning in projects? Good news actually, but you cannot meet the deadlines?
What you need is temporary assistance. Somebody who takes parts of the visualization off your shoulders and knows the system inside out.

You can rely on us. Our pros work hand in hand with the client and can certainly give you a few tips on one or another VisiWin function.
We can work at your premises, at your client’s site or in our own offices. Our services are invoiced based on a time and material basis or at a fixed price if tasks are clearly defined.

Components Development

Components Development

Modular and open systems such as VisiWin are extensible so that you can add new functions by integrating custom components. Our VisiWin 7 development environment is the right tool to help you with that.

New components can be “mere” functionalities or they can add to the quality of the visual representation of machine parts or processes.

If you wish, we can develop such components for you. The components can be integrated into the VisiWin 7 development environment. These components look and feel as if they were part of the VisiWin development environment, with the same ease of use and high quality while providing specific custom functions.
The delivery includes source code and instructions (if desired).


  • Considerably shorter development cycles for applications by using components for whole machine parts
  • High functional reliability since components are self-contained and can be tested separately
  • Reduced risk of bugs in the application due to a reduced number of stages in the development process
  • Higher degree of standardization due to a consistent look and behavior that allow clients to recognize elements and to know how to use them immediately
  • Protection of know-how and prevention of changes by encapsulating and signing components
  • A fully customizable HMI is possible

Consulting and Project Review

Consulting and Project Review

The project or parts of it are completed. Now you have to set it up on a series of machines or use it as a basis for other applications. Before that, you would like to ensure that the current version functions reliably and has the best performance.

A certain part of the application does not do what it was intended to do. You would like to look into the problem together with an expert.

Although sounding simple, the tasks that follow are quite complex: code review, trouble shooting, profiling, bug fixing.

We offer this kind of service to our clients and get positive feedback each time. Our clients are not only provided with a solution but are also given tips, learn about the inner workings of VisiWin and .NET and about useful tools and methods. Benefit from our experts’ experience.

Driver Development

Driver Development

There is a large number of controllers on the market. Some clients offer proprietary devices featuring an interface for communication with the visualization.

There is no VisiWin driver for the proprietary protocol? We will build it for you. Developing drivers is the “daily bread” of our driver development department. Our communications experts will build a driver for your protocol so that you can easily use the data in your visualization. Please contact us.


In search of the right tool?

We don’t have screwdrivers. But we do have a powerful HMI/SCADA tool that combines total openness with numerous system functions.

You need more information and have specific questions? Attend our online presentation and discuss your individual task with our tech-savvy VisiWin experts.

It’s easy, uncomplicated and without any obligation!

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