Platform-Independent HMI on the Browser With VisiWin Web UI

Dashboard/UI auf Tablet und Smartphone für Maschine

VisiWin Web UI Provides You With All Data You Need and Where You Need Them: 

  • Mobile HMI on any smartphone or tablet 
  • Directly on the shop floor: IPC or HMI panel 
  • Stationary or mobile office PC or notebook 
  • On any HTML-compatible browser under Windows, MAC-OS, Android, iOS, or Linux
Darstellung VisiWin 7 Offenheit: Windows, Android, Linux, HTML5, iOS, Mac-OS


Platform-independent HMI: By means of modern web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, VisiWin Web UI allows you to create HMIs that run as web applications on the browser, on almost any device and any operating system.

Needless to say, features such as Responsive Design, your custom look-and-feel and, if required, multi-touch and gesture control are also included! 

Access to All Essential Machine or Facility Data

  • Well organized and informative dashboards 
  • Customized list of relevant KPIs 
  • Reliably readable fault reports/alarms
  • Trends at a glance 
  • Targeted, decentralized machine operation and monitoring via inexpensive web panels

Web Visualization: Engineering Based on the VisiWin Principle

GUI design, navigation, process data and alarm display—all this can easily be implemented using the flexible yet customizable UI elements and the VisiWin 7 HTML5 Designer. 

By using standard technologies and providing the possibility to edit the project in Visual Studio or Visual Code, VisiWin 7 guarantees openness and flexibility in Web UI, too. 

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