Mobile Process Visualization for Smartphones and Tablets with VisiWinn Web HMI

Mobile Surface on Tablet and Smartphone

Mobile Surface on Tablet and Smartphone

Key takeaways: The VisiWin HMI/SCADA solution for mobile devices takes process visualization to smartphones and tablets using the latest HTML5 technology.
The working world is mobile, so your HMI must be mobile, too.
When people must be mobile to do their job, they need to stay tuned wherever they are:

Keep an eye on the figures.

Data, checklists, maintenance plans ready to hand.

The right information at the right place.

VisiWin's reliable service as an interface between the human and the machine has been appreciated worldwide for three decades now. Operating, monitoring, supervising, logging, and many other tasks are completed on industrial PCs and (multi-)touch panels alike.
Support for mobile devices now rounds off our system’s range of features; and it is not limited to devices made by a specific manufacturer or using a specific operating system. 

Based on the latest browser-based HTML technology, the mobile VisiWin client supports almost all modern smartphones and tablets.

The VisiWin Concept Applied to Web HMI

VisiWin Principle

HTML5, widgets, and JavaScript are the ingredients of cross-browser apps, which are delivered to different web browsers together with a VisiWin client from a web server. Direct communication using a WebSockets connection allows to keep data always up to date. Multi-touch and gesture control is an indispensable feature of smartphones and the like.
True to the VisiWin principle, our system ensures the basic functioning so that you can concentrate on the creative part. 

Layout, navigation, display of process values or alarm messages – all this can be implemented using any UI element, and VisiWin will integrate them all smoothly and elegantly. Open and flexible, but nevertheless fast and reliable.

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