Become Independent With the Cross-Platform Runtime

A platform-independent variant of the powerful VisiWin Runtime system is now available. The VisiWin 7 Cross-Platform Runtime allows to run VisiWin 7 Server projects and VisiWin 7 Web UI projects on any Windows or Linux-based automation device.

This makes VisiWin a fully hardware-independent system that allows machine manufacturers to switch to deliverable products in case of supply shortages.

Thanks to VisiWin, you are immediately able to meet your delivery targets again!


More Flexibility for Machine Manufacturers: VisiWin Cross-Platform HMI incl. App for Docker & Co. 

Container = independent, executable software packages

What works for consumer end devices must work for the industrial market, too: Apps running in a container directly on a PLC or edge device either under Windows or Linux. The app is installed via an app store.

This is easily possible since containers are stand-alone, executable software packages that contain everything needed to run the app. These software packages are always executed in the exact same way regardless of the infrastructure. 

In practical terms, this means that in future machine manufacturers will have more options when choosing components for their machines, since these components will be able to work smoothly together thanks to container apps and therefore the decision for a certain PLC will no longer restrict the choice of the HMI software to that offered by the same manufacturer.

Docker is the market-leading technology for such apps. The VisiWin Runtime is already available on Docker Hub, in the NUPANO Open Automation Platform and in the FLECS Marketplace, with further apps for other container formats and app stores currently being prepared at INOSOFT.

HMI projects are developed and designed using the VisiWin IDE, which combines complete openness and a configurable range of functions. Automation specialists don’t have to decide between the two opposite concepts—the seamless integration of Visual Studio and the use of C# and JavaScript on the one hand and a construction kit bursting with parameterizable system functions on the other—they can combine elements of both.

The HMI project developed in the IDE is loaded into the app installed on the PLC. Thanks to its responsive design, the HMI project adapts itself to the device it is displayed on.

VisiWin Cross-Platform Runtime

VisiWin enables any structure - the PLC can be connected directly to end devices with the VisiWin app or communication can take place via a central VisiWin server.

Web UI: HMI on the Browser With HTML5

The VisiWin Web UI provides you with all data you need exactly where you need them:

  • Mobile HMI on any smartphone or tablet
  • Directly on the shop floor: IPC or HMI panel
  • Stationary or mobile office PC or notebook
  • On any HTML-compatible browser under Windows, MAC-OS, Android, iOS, or Linux

By means of modern web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, VisiWin Web UI allows to create HMIs that run as web applications on the browser.


Scenarios of Any Scale

Whether a simple HMI or a complex SCADA system with client server architecture–VisiWin can do it!

  • Communication via OPC UA
  • Web (Web UI) & Windows (Modern UI)

Silver medal: VisiWin 7 Cross-Platform Runtime Achieves 2nd Place!

Product of the Year 2024: The editors of Computer & Automation selected eight products per category from around 600 products and put them forward for readers' choice–including our Cross-Platform Runtime.

Stefan Niermann was very pleased to receive second place in the Operating & Monitoring category at the award ceremony in Munich! A big thank you goes to the Computer & Automation team for the great event.

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