User Management: Secure Control Over All Accesses and Changes

A process visualization offers many functions. Not all of them can, are to or may be operated by all users. For this purpose individual functions can be masked or deactivated, user-dependent, with the VisiWinNET user administration.

Of course it is also of interest to know who has carried out a certain operation. Therefore, the logged on user, too, is recorded in the logging operation–this enables secure control over all accesses and changes.

User Administration


  • Rights / levels
    • Hierarchic rights
    • Free rights (as with Windows in groups)
    • Complete user management at runtime
  • Password administration
    • In line with FDA regulations
    • Change interval, complexity, forbidden passwords
  • Log on
    • Existing dialogs (touch / remote maintenance)
    • Through RFID interface, card reader, … (free link with source code)
  • Windows domain
    • Link with domain server
    • VisiWin group = Windows group

From quite simple ...

with few user levels and firmly defined users.

... to quite complex

with freely allocated rights, user groups, password guidelines and a complete user administration in the visualization.

Keep the Rights under Control

In the VisiWin user administration you have multiple options. Every VisiWin element can be protected. With a missing right it can either be inoperable or simply invisible. This makes for example a change to a service page impossible or the display of sensitive data to unauthorized eyes is prevented.

Users and rights are administrated with groups that can also be identified from a Windows domain (optional).

Login is of course also possible through RFID reader or biometric procedure.

Password Complexity, Change Intervals and Automatic Logoff

User administrations with high demands on access protection are unthinkable without these and other funtions. Those who have for example conform to  FDA 21 CFR Part 11 cannot do without them. VisiWin has all functions for the compliance with these rules on board.

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