Online Language Switching

Many machines and plants are distributed worldwide today. For employees to work with the connected visualization all texts must, of course, be displayed in the appropriate language. VisiWin applications support all languages of this world. In an application any number of languages can be implemented, and simply changed at runtime.


Language Switching


  • Changing text
    • Unicode for all languages of this world
    • Import and export tool for Excel
    • Formatted text with any components
  • Units
    • Any conversion (°C, F, Inch, mm, Foot, Cubit, Pint, Gallon, …)
  • Formats for date and time
  • Keyboard layout with touch operation

Changing Textes

What counts as far as languages are concerned is of course the actual text. In the development system you work in the development language (that can be determined individually). All functions and objects in VisiWin have localized names. In addition there is of course all text used by the system (list headings, window text in VisiWin dialogs, etc.). Text translation can be done in our development system or following export to Excel by e.g. a translation service. Through wildcard characters text can also contain variable values or other text.

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