Partnership between Cordis SUITE and INOSOFT VisiWin 7

Rapid developments in low-code machine control software require seamless integration with user interfaces. Inosoft’s award winning VisiWin and the leading low-code machine control platform Cordis SUITE announce their partnership in this field.

Low-code machine control enables developers to create machine control software 3 to 5x faster and with highest quality standards. Cordis SUITE’s low-code models enable a range of advancements in software development one of them is the super easy connection to VisiWin user interface.

In the low-code model of Cordis SUITE all variables, commands, parameters that are part of the low-code model are automatically made available to VisiWin. Connecting the user interface is now only a matter of selecting the label in VisiWin and you are ready to go. Saving huge effort in developing and maintaining the software interface between user interface and machine control software.

Details will follow, already write SPS Nurnberg in you calendar to meet us. Inquiries at info(at) and/or info(at)

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