New VisiWin Version 2020-1

With our HMI software VisiWin, we rely on open solutions based on standards thus offering you unlimited HMI possibilities. Nevertheless, machine manufacturers don’t have to dispense with the countless configurable system functions. VisiWin is constantly further developed—many VisiWin features originate from the close relationship with our customers. Your requirements and good ideas are always appreciated and, if possible, implemented in VisiWin. 
The new VisiWin 7 version 2020-1 is now available for download in the Download area of our website. The setup includes the following components:
- IDE (Visual Studio integration included) (new)
- Runtime system 7.2 SP11 (new)
- Runtime system 7.1 SP1
- Runtime system 7.0 SP6
Along with the service packs, the setup includes a number of enhancements and new features:

VisiWin OPC UA Server: The new server uses the standardized OPC UA Data Access (read, write, monitoring) for the access to all process variables managed by VisiWin using. It functions as an interface for superordinate MES/ERP systems or IIOT gateways and integrates the OPC UA security options into human-machine communication.

Favorites category in the properties list: The new Favorites category saves you time by showing a user-defined selection of properties in one category at the top of the properties list.

Modularization: The often used VisiWin modularization function is constantly further developed. The latest software version allows to integrate remote machine plugins into a plugin configuration—the perfect solution for control centers or if you want to access a nearby machine.

Project transfer: The Remote Access Manager is no longer needed—projects are now transferred to a target device via the VisiWin 7 Server Manager. Projects compatible to the connected target device are automatically recognized.

Web UI: VisiWin Web UI has been extended by new controls and navigation functions.

Modern UI: The chart controls available for Modern UI have been extended by a number of new functions, e. g. new curve styles and custom curves for an individualized representation.

Runtime system: The VisiWin 7 Server Manager now allows to start client and single projects automatically.


For details on the current setup version (e. g. system requirements and change history), please refer to the Documents folder on the installation CD/in the downloaded file.



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