Communication drivers

VisiWin is an open system that does not tie you to particular panels. This is of course also true for the communication with your chosen automation hardware such as control and drive systems.

In consequence, the communication channels are not predetermined but open and configurable. You have a choice between our VisiWinNET drivers or the standardized OPC servers (Classic and/or UA).

Of course the drivers developed by us are particularly well matched to the VisiWinNET runtime system, and ideally designed for optimum performance, stability and diagnosis features.

You can connect VisiWin with many different control and automation appliances. Simultaneously, too ...

S7 TCP/IP (RFC 1006)

VisiWinNET driver for communication with Simatic S7 compatible controls via TCP/IP (RFC1006 / ISOonTCP)

Supported control systems:

Siemens Simatic S7 300/400 with TCP/IP interface or external TCP/IP CPSaia PCD Series xx7Vipa System 300S

CoDeSys V2

VisiWinNET driver for communication with CoDeSys V2-based controls via TCP/IP (ARTI / L2Route / L4)

Supported control systems (examples - there are many more):

Bosch Rexroth IndraMotion MLC L20,L40,L60 IndraLogic CML20/40,Lenze Logic and Motion3S CoDeSys runtimes SP WIN V2.3 / SP WIN RTE V2.3

CoDeSys V3

VisiWinNET driver for communication with CoDeSys V3-based controls via PLCHandler und Gateway

Supported control systems (examples - there are many more):

Bosch Rexroth IndraMotion MLC L25,L45,L65 IndraLogic10Lenze Logic and Motion V3Schneider / Elau PacDrive3 LMC x00C / LMC x01C (SoMachine)3S CoDeSys runtimes SP WIN V3 / SP WIN RTE V3

Beckhoff ADS

VisiWinNET driver for communication with TwinCAT V2 via ADS (TwinCAT V3 in preparation)

Supported control systems:

TwinCat PLC runtime systems under Windows Standard or WinCEIntelligent Controllers of the BXxxxx /CXxxxx seriesTwinCat I/O

Common Industrial Protocol (CIP)

VisiWinNET driver for communication via TCP/IP (Common Industrial Protocol / CIP)

Supported control systems:

Allen-Bradley CompactLogix and ControlLogix


VisiWinNET driver for communication with B&R control systems via PVI

Supported control systems:

B&R X20 System, System 2003, System2005, Power Panel


VisiWinNET driver for communication with various control systems via a serial interface (MODBUS ASCII or RTU) or TCP/IP (MODBUSoverIP)

Supported control systems:

Wago Ethernet controller of the 750 series with ModbusoverIP functionality e.g.  750-880 / 750-881 /…Phoenix Contact  Modbus/TCP Bus couplerSchneider Modicon series (Quantum *, Premium *), Logic Controller Modicon M*, Modicon TSX MicroSAIA PCD controls


A client for OPC DA and OPC UA connectivity to the latest standard is arbitrarily included in the system and does not need to be additionally licensed.

You could not find your system?

Contact us. VisiWin provides many more drivers, also for prior automation systems. And the list is growing steadily...

Even linking to a proprietary system is possible. To develop an individual driver a driver toolkit is available that allows you to sinply develop your own driver in C# based on Microsoft.NET. Of course we can do that for you, too.

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