Process Visualization with VisiWin – Next Generation HMI

VisiWin’s reliable services are used in thousands of machines and facilities worldwide – not only for servicing and monitoring of individual machines but also for supervision systems. Our process visualization software is not designed for a particular industry but is a universal tool.

Hence VisiWin is suitable for a wide range of applications. VisiWin is platform-independent and can be used on small HMI panels as well as on Windows Embedded or Windows Server. With its browser-based client, it also covers portable devices such as tablets and smartphones.

From small-scale HMIs to complex SCADA applications, VisiWin supports the developer with all tasks by its extensive toolbox full of practice-proven system functions. These functions are ready for use but can also be parameterized and adapted to the requirements of the processes to be visualized. VisiWin has everything on board that an advanced process visualization tool should have including machine communication, data preprocessing, display of alarms and measured values.

Open APIs, standard file formats and the possibility to implement custom functions make everything possible. Limits were yesterday!

VisiWin Highlights

Support for Modern UI Technologies

Create professional user interfaces based on

  • Microsoft .NET WPF
  • Microsoft .NET Windows Forms
  • HTML5

Gesture Control and Multi-Touch

  • Gestures using one or more fingers
  • Flick
  • Rotate
  • Zoom
  • Two-hands control

Scalable Runtime System

  • From Windows Embedded to Windows Server
  • Single computer applications
  • Client/Server applications
  • Web applications

Flexible Engineering Concept

  • State-of-art, professional development environment system
  • Compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio and Blend
  • Parameterizing and programming (C#, VB.NET, JavaScript)
  • Modular project structures

The VisiWin Principle

Users of our system work in a completely open and standards-based environment, which supports them efficiently by its numerous functions. This is the basic principle and the distinctive feature of the VisiWin product family.

The great variety of requirements that process visualization software must comply with cannot be met by configuration alone. The attempt to achieve flexibility by using script languages is a trade-off. The VisiWin principle just turns the tables by its seamless integration into the most powerful developer tools on the market: Microsoft Visual Studio und Blend.

VisiWin is both a fully-featured HMI/SCADA software and a solid basis for custom functions

VisiWin users just pick what they need from the VisiWin toolbox and achieve their objectives quickly and efficiently. You need more than that? No problem at all.
External libraries, custom functions, integration of third-party components or even an in-house process visualization – VisiWin does it all. With C#, VB und XAML combined with .NET and WPF technology everything is possible.


Process Communication

  • VisiWin drivers for all established controllers
  • Offline browser for variables import
  • Variables abstraction layer / switching between PLCs
  • Structures, arrays
  • Groups with different scan times
  • Automatic variables activation
  • OPC UA and OPC DA
  • Driver toolkit (for custom drivers)
  • Learn more ...

Language Switching

  • All texts are in Unicode
  • Texts with dynamic components (variables)
  • Font switching (Europe / East Asia)
  • Online switching between units of measure, switching between symbols and colors
  • Language-dependent touchpad layouts
  • Date, time, number formatting, etc.
  • Import and export tool for Excel
  • Learn more ...

Alarm Management

Alarm Management

  • Alarm classes (e.g. messages, alarms, etc.)
  • Alarm groups
  • Display elements with filtering and sorting
  • Various alarm acknowledgement types
  • Alarm texts with dynamic components (variables)
  • Additional information to alarms (video, position, help, etc.)
  • User-defined alarm types (e.g. controller state)
  • Learn more ...

Recipe Management

  • Single recipes with variable values
  • Hierarchical recipes with sub-recipes
  • File and transfer operations triggered by PLC or user
  • Transferable recipe files
  • Readable file format (Access or XML)
  • Integrated history
  • Forgery-safe file saving
  • Value editing directly on the user interface
  • Learn more ...

Trend Recording

  • Recording for y-t graphs
  • Recording for y-x graphs
  • Ring buffer in the memory or as a file
  • Sequential archives for periods of time (day, week, etc.)
  • Sequential archives for batches
  • Scaling and zooming for graphs
  • Graph selection at runtime
  • Graphs are individually scalable
  • Learn more ...

User Management

User Management

  • Hierarchic levels or free definition of user rights
  • User groups
  • User administration at runtime
  • Password complexity and change intervals
  • Automatic log-off
  • FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliant access protection
  • Administration by Windows Active Directory
  • Connection of reading devices for authentication (RFID, chip cards, biometric features)
  • Learn more ...



  • Automatic logging of system events
  • Logging of user-defined events
  • Forgery-safe file saving
  • FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliant audit trail
  • Logging of any user interaction
  • User’s log
  • Electronic signature
  • Batchwise logging
  • Learn more ...

User Interface (UI) Design

User Interface (UI) Design

  • Ready-made but customizable controls for all tasks (button, value input and output, lists, graphs, gauge, etc.)
  • Integration of third-party controls
  • Creation of custom controls
  • Display of 2D and 3D vector images
  • Display of bitmaps in various formats (BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG)
  • All elements can be made dynamic by programming or using a process variable
  • Time-controlled animation (translation, transformation, rotation)
  • Color gradients and transparency
  • User interaction by touch and multi-touch or mouse and keyboard
  • Gesture control (flick, zoom, rotate, two-hands gestures, etc.)
  • Integrated, customizable touchpads
  • Customizable form templates for typical tasks (e.g. alarm management or user management)
  • Creation of custom form templates
  • Various screen layouts (full screen, window, dialog, popup, flyout, etc.)
  • Responsive design for different screen sizes and resolutions
  • and much more ...
UI Design

Product Versions

Our software received the name VisiWin as early as in 1994. Over the years, our system has undergone many advancements to keep pace with current developments and to prepare for future requirements of the market. Currently, we provide two VisiWin versions for new visualization projects.

VisiWin 7

VisiWin 7

With VisiWin 7, we present our latest generation of the VisiWin product family. Its basic principle of openness and integration of standard tools still remains while new technologies and new features such as excellent graphics have been implemented.

VisiWin 7 is the best choice for visualization projects that require modern user interfaces with high-quality graphics and multi-touch support.

We are currently enhancing VisiWin 7 to support mobile HTML5 applications. This feature will be introduced shortly.

The UI technology of VisiWinNET is now available for VisiWin 7 as well. This project type is called "Classic UI" and is included since version 2017-1 of VisiWin 7.



Having read about VisiWin 7, as a VisiWinNET user you will surely like to know what it means for your VisiWinNET projects. The proved and tested technology of VisiWinNET will stay and be further developed!

VisiWinNET is still available for functionally complex, technical HMI applications that run on PC and Embedded systems.

Many VisiWinNET functions are incorporated into VisiWin 7 Classic UI in version 2017-1. Easy migration of your existing VisiWinNET applications to VisiWin 7 are possible. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
For technical details on the current VisiWin versions, have a look at the table below.

Product Comparison

Feature VisiWin 7 VisiWinNET
Operating ­systems
(IDE and runtime)
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10
Embedded operating ­systems
Windows Embedded Standard/Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Windows Embedded XP/Standard
Windows CE 5/6
Windows Embedded Compact
Parameterization and design ­in a stand-alone IDE Yes Yes (VisiWinNET Smart)
Parameterization and design ­in Visual Studio Yes Yes (VisiWinNET Professional)
Visual Studio Versions Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013/2015
+ Blend for Visual Studio/2017
+ Blend for Visual Studio
Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/2012/2013/2015
.NET versions .NET 4.0/4.5/4.5.1/4.5.2/4.6/4.6.1/4.6.2 .NET 2.0/3.5 (Compact and Standard)
UI technologies .NET WPF
HTML5 (under development)
.NET Windows Forms
.NET Windows Forms
Image formats Vector ­images (XAML, 2D and 3D)
Multitouch Yes No
Customizable control styles Yes No
Custom controls Yes Yes
Third-party controls .NET WPF
.NET Windows Forms
.NET Windows Forms
Single computer applications Yes Yes
Client/Server applications Yes Yes
Multi-server applications Yes No
Web applications (under development) No