A user interface is where interaction between the user and the machine occurs. User interfaces must provide all functions that make the user’s work easier or even possible. Our process visualization software VisiWin is best suited for this task. With its open architecture, various networking options, the powerful runtime system, and modular user interface structures, VisiWin is fit for use in any field of application. It does not matter if it is a single application or a distributed solution. Compact panels, large monitors or multi-monitor solutions and any combination of those are possible with VisiWin. Over the years, the basic tasks of process visualization such as process value display and machine operation were extended by a number of important features, for example, forgery-safe recording of batch data and display of camera images. The core functions of our system include data acquisition, processing and recording. However, VisiWin is at its best when it comes to more specific tasks of process visualization. VisiWin draws on the capabilities of the powerful programming languages C# and VB.NET and provides a complete API to implement any function you can think of.

VisiWin Modern UI – Excellent Graphics

Moderne Gestensteuerung und beliebig gestaltete Elemente

Modern UI is the tool of choice for graphically demanding projects. Transparency effects, custom UI elements, 3D images and animation – with VisiWin Modern UI everything is possible. Based on WPF, Modern UI uses DirectX to visualize contents written in XAML. Top quality and optimal utilization of the graphics capabilities of modern computers are thus guaranteed. Modern UI strictly separates functionality and design. Both can be edited on their own without one influencing the other. For sophisticated user interfaces, state-of-the-art input technology is a must. For VisiWin Modern UI, gesture control on multi-touch monitors is a matter of course.

VisiWin Classic UI – the All-Rounder

Oberflächen auf Basis der verbreiteten Windows Forms Technologie

The strength of VisiWin Classic UI is in standard image formats, which are used on a variety of platforms. Classic UI stands for both, straightforward project development and powerful programming capabilities. VisiWin Classic user interfaces use many typical UI elements since they are based on the widespread Windows Forms technology. You can preserve and further develop your existing VisiWinNET applications in VisiWin Classic UI while taking advantage from the recently developed VisiWin features.

VisiWin Web UI – The Mobile Solution

Die VisiWin-Lösung für mobile Geräte bringt die Prozessvisualisierung auf Tablets und Smart­phones

Managers, service personnel, and users alike are all excited about mobile applications that run on smartphones and tablets. With VisiWin Web UI, your visualization is virtually “on the move”. HTML5 provides for high-quality graphics similar to VisiWin Modern UI and allows gesture control, a typical feature of smartphone and tablet applications. Data transfer without any time lag is guaranteed by communication via WebSocket.

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Human Machine Interface

Make no compromises! Top results can only be achieved by implementing tailor-made solutions and state-of-the-art technologies. Our VisiWin User Interface variants covers a wide range of applications for various industries.


To create a functioning process visualization, ideas and drafts must first be implemented. The VisiWin development environment is where implementation takes place. The basic components of an application are screen masks, the logic, and definitions of various types. VisiWin users edit their projects in an modern environment with docking windows and menu bars. A powerful graphical editor, property pages, document outline views and a code editor for C#, VB, and XAML are included. And that’s not all. The VisiWin development environment and the projects created with it are compatible with the Microsoft development tools Visual Studio and Blend for Visual Studio. Just start your project in Visual Studio or Blend from VisiWin and give free rein to your creativity.

The Process Data

Projekt-Explorer gliedert das Projekt übersichtlich und führt schnell zur gewünschten Parameterauswahl

Which process values do you want to be displayed by your visualization? Which will trigger an alarm? Which will be displayed in a trend chart? These and other questions are important when determining how process data are to be interpreted. The VisiWin Project Explorer provides a structured view on the project and a quick access to the parameters of the selected objects.
The principle of openness also applies here. Any definition can be exported and imported into a tool of your choice using the clipboard.
You would rather copy the variable definitions directly from the PLC program? You can do so using the VisiWin variables browser for all established PLCs.

Designing the User Interface

Toolbox des Grafikeditors von VisiWin

As the term “visualization” already suggests, screen masks and visual representations are the heart of any process visualization system. The toolbox of the VisiWin graphical editor contains elements that you can drag to a view and then parameterize. The WISYWIG editor also provides tools for an easy alignment of the elements. With the search and sort functions, the right parameter is quickly found. VisiWin Classic and Modern UI user interface types provide specific parameters to meet different visualization requirements.

Editing in Visual Studio and Blend

One project – three tools. Choose your favorite.

Perfect Design with Blend.
How about applying your corporate design to your HMI? With customized buttons, navigation elements and high-quality images? There is a tool specializing in UI design: Blend for Microsoft Visual Studio. Even designers use it. Blend specializes in creating user interfaces with all the extras. UI elements with a customized look and behavior, complex animations and even 3D images are but a few of the many features of Blend.

Visual Studio for Sophisticated Logic.
Statistics, databases, mathematical operations, integration of third-party components, or even specific interactions with the user interface – the list of technical requirements for modern user interfaces is quite long. To face the challenge, another champion joins the team: Microsoft Visual Studio. Developers worldwide use this tool for any kind of programming task in Windows application development. The debugger alone will convince anyone who once searched for errors in scripts.

VisiWin for Perfect Results.
Seamless integration with VisiWin is possible since all three tools use the same project with identical files and folders. Just pick the best tool for each task and edit your project with the selected tool directly from VisiWin.