Support for VisiWin users

By hotline or e-mail

The INOSOFT support team provides the following services for holders of a developer license:

  • Answering of questions and assistance concerning the installation of VisiWin
  • Answering of questions regarding functionality and application of VisiWin (system functions, programming, communication drivers)
  • Provision of small samples (for easier explanation of function and use)
  • Useful tips and tricks
  • Analysis of suspected malfunctions in VisiWin
    • Assistance in identifying a possible cause
    • Analysis of samples provided by the customer for reproduction
    • Creation of simple examples to reproduce suspected malfunctions
    • Demonstrable malfunctions in VisiWin are of course fixed by us within the scope of the guarantee (see also VisiWin EULA, section "Guarantee and Liability")
    • The analysis of applications in which suspected malfunctions can only be reproduced in an environment with PLC, a real or simulated process and other components connected via network, for instance, can usually not be performed in normal support operation and requires a separate agreement

The contact details of the hotline and further information can be found here.


Engage one of our experts

Of course, we are also happy to provide project support. For example, we offer flexible hourly quotas or firmly booked services or events.

The following services are frequently requested

  • Workshops to deepen various topics
  • Consulting on structure and development of applications
  • Advice on the use of tools that are known and in use at INOSOFT (for example source code management)
  • Consulting and support for VisiWin independent .NET programming questions within the VisiWin project
  • Exchange of experience with our experts
  • Development of UI components
  • Development of various functionalities
  • Implementation of UI styling
  • Code review
  • Performance analysis and optimization
  • Troubleshooting in customer applications (function, stability, resource leaks, ...)
  • Creation of more complex samples
  • And much more up to the complete application according to your wishes

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