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Krones Relies on VisiWin 7

Krones AG (“Krones”), an internationally operating manufacturer and provider of turnkey filling and packaging solutions, presented their new HMI platform based on the VisiWin 7.2 software at the Drinktec 2017 fair in Munich.

After winning the iF Design Award in early 2018, the “Connected HMI” took home the “Red Dot Award: Best of the Best” in the same category (Communications Design) in autumn and 2019 the German Design Award from the German Design Council. 



Condition Monitoring on a Drill Ship - HYDAC International GmbH

Process value monitoring is an important issue on a drillship. HYDAC was looking for a tool for the development of their new condition monitoring software called CM-Expert. The selection criteria included state-of-the-art technology, integration into the .NET framework, extensibility for specific functions and easy integration with Visual Studio. HYDAC decided on our process visualization tool VisiWinNET, a solid basis with an extensive range of functions. To add specific functions, HYDAC uses VisiWin’s powerful .NET API.

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Visualization, Intuitive Error Analysis and Data Acquisition in One Tool

Liebherr uses the process visualization system VisiWin by INOSOFT for diagnostic and maintenance purposes for their ship-to-shore container cranes. The three-dimensional object representation of the high-performance software allows to see the whole facility and quickly locate disturbances. In addition, trends and statistics can be displayed as charts based on an analysis of the operating data. Another unique selling proposition of VisiWin is its open API for custom developments. Engineers at Liebherr-Components Biberach GmbH used VisiWin to develop a framework for the quick adaptation of the visualization to different crane variants.

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Maschinenbau Kooperation Wuppertal

Maschinenbau Kooperation Wuppertal

Maschinenbau Kooperation Wuppertal uses VisiWin to create consistent HMIs for such diverse application areas as healthcare, food, hygiene and electrical engineering. In fact, VisiWin’s flexibility in terms of process communication across various PLCs was one of the major reasons why MKW chose VisiWin for the realization of machinery and plants. Usability, that is the implementation of straightforward and easy-to-use user interfaces, always plays an important role in process visualization. This approach not only enables new operators to familiarize themselves with the machine more quickly but also reduces setup time and maintenance work.


Maschinenbau Kooperation Wuppertal

MKW unites two construction offices, one designer of special machinery, a control and plant technology specialist, an software development and machine communication company and an outsourcing partner for organizational tasks under a single roof. Through efficient utilization of all resources available within the co-operation, they can realize small fixtures as well as complex plants.

TI Automotive

Visualizing Processes with FluidV TM - Manufacturing of Fuel Tanks

By the motto “Fluid Thinking TM”, TI Automotive mean continuous development and improvement of their products by implementing creative solutions and innovative technology. Their operation and control system FluidV TM is perfectly in line with this formula. FluidV TM consolidates the countless out-of-date UI concepts, is intuitive, recognizable and provides a standardized project development tool for all machines.

What makes process visualization with FluidV TM so special is the fact that a manufacturer gives such a high priority to UI design and consistency. Fluid Thinking TM – put into practice with VisiWin.


TI Automotive

TI Automotive is a leading supplier of plastic fuel tanks for the automobile industry with many locations around the world, wherever vehicles are produced.


Packing with the IWK HMI

A standardized HMI for a group of companies with different types of machines – such was the goal of this award-winning HMI project. IWK, based in Stutensee, Baden-Wurttemberg, used VisiWin to develop a new HMI for their machines.

IWK’s new HMI is a modern user interface, with a clear-cut design and all required information at the right place. A schematic representation shows the individual production stages. Multi-touch gestures and animations facilitate user interaction, and assistants guide the user through tasks.


IWK Verpackungstechnik GmbH

IWK specializes in tube filling and cartoning machines and also manufactures whole packaging lines for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, and food industries.


MCS (Monitoring Control System) for the Ship’s Bridge

Modern ships are complex facilities equipped with a whole range of operational systems. MTU’s ship automation solutions allow to monitor the entire propulsion system, the on-board power supply and the entire ship via VisiWin visualizations on screens at the control console and in the engine room.

The new user interface of the MCS system reflects the high quality of MTU’s technological solutions. The system delivers all important information promptly day and night and is safe to use even in heavy seas.



MTU is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large diesel engines and complete propulsion systems for ships, heavy agricultural and rail vehicles, and industrial applications.


20 Years of Visualization for High-Tech Machines with VisiWin

High-tech machines require powerful visualization solutions. This is why Singulus opted for the open VisiWin concept very early. Ever since the 16-bit version of VisiWin 2.x (for Windows 95) was introduced, nearly all subsequent VisiWin versions have been in use at Singulus. Over the years the two companies succeeded in building a strong, cooperative relationship.

“INOSOFT does not only provide innovative products; I also get competent advice from them each time I need it,” says Jochen Heilingbrunner, a long-time VisiWin user.  “The INOSOFT team quickly answer any questions concerning VisiWin.  When trying to find a solution to a complex problem, even beyond VisiWin, I can discuss ideas and approaches with them in workshops. This exchange is of great value for me and our company.”

However, this close cooperation is beneficial for us, too. Ideas for new product features often come from the dialog with our users.

Stefan Niermann, a former member of the INOSOFT developer team and now responsible for sales and distribution, says: “Singulus Technolgies AG has always had high standards. Nevertheless, Mr. Heilingbrunner and his team were able to meet those requirements each time with their solutions created with VisiWin and with some help of INOSOFT. We enjoy working together.”

Key requirements for Singulus include high-quality graphics and complex logics as well as modular structures and a high degree of reusability. Features, which VisiWin 7 supports very well. After a profound training and a thorough concept phase, an exemplary toolkit for the creation of user interfaces for Singulus was developed.

A tailor-made solution – made possible by VisiWin.


Singulus Technologies AG

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES develops and builds machines for economical and resource-efficient production processes. The application areas include vacuum thin-film and plasma coating for wet-chemical processes as well as thermal process technologies.

Decades of Experience in Machine Visualization

More than 150,000 applications have already been implemented by key players in the industry such as Krones, MTU, Lenze, Manz, and Bühler.

Our products have been developed in a constant dialog with our clients. Your wishes and ideas are always welcome and will be implemented in VisiWin if possible. The VisiWin development environment, the runtime system, the drivers and modules are designed, programmed and maintained in Hiddenhausen/Germany.

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