Recipe Management: Logical Summary of Setpoints

Normally multiple specified values must be changed in order to put a machine or plant into a certain condition. The VisiWinNET recipe administration makes this task simpler by supporting the logical summary of setpoints to recipes. Subsequently, any data sets can be created, and simply transferred to the process by a single operation.

Recipe Management


  • Single recipes
    • Contain variables
    • File and transfer operations
  • Hierarchic recipes
    • Main and subrecipes
    • Any combinations
  • Performance
    • Programmed
    • Through event from control
    • Through process variable (control bits)
  • Editing
    • In own forms
    • With recipe list (pre-created element)
    • In the normal forms through switching
  • Every recipe (instance) is a file

The Recipe for your Parameters

Where setting parameters are to be stored the VisiWin recipe system is involved. You define which parameters are to be commonly stored and administrated, and simply leave the rest to VisiWin which stores the values as an XML file or databank, can assemble recipes from several sub-recipes, and displays everything together with a comment in the application.

Control of Everything

Is down to the user who operates the PC. He controls everything around the recipe with VisiWin elements that he uses to load recipes, send them to the PLC, or retrieve and store them.

Or the machine control itself. All recipe functions can also be controlled through trigger variables from the PLC.

File Handling

VisiWin creates a new file for every recipe instance. Any number is possible. The file format is XML or MS Access, depending on the setting.

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