Logging: Forgery-Proof Recording of Events

In addition to monitoring the operation of a mchine or plant is an important task of process visualization. As an example the user can influence the process by changing specified values or recipes.

It is becoming more and more important to know which events and errors have occurred during the production of goods. Which value was changed? Which failures have occurred? Which operator has done what?

Also there is a growing demand for accountability around the entire production and packaging of goods in more and more areas, led by the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries .

Therefore, the VisiWin logging system gathers these events, and records them forgery-proof.



  • Recording of events
    • System events (Start, Stop, …)
    • User-defined events
  • Tamper-proof recording
    • According to FDA Audittrail
    • Batchwise recording
  • Data administration
    • Automatic volume restriction
    • Copying, moving, deleting, …
  • Events
    • From control elements
    • From program code


The recorded events originate from the VisiWin system or are freely defined for the application. VisiWin elements such as a button for page change can directly trigger the recording of events. This can, however, also be done with self-programmed source code or through the value change of a variable.

This way you can log the relevant events quite simply and safely.


Storage is in files that are at certain times or also for example with batch changes closed, stored and re-opened.

In the process VisiWin does not fill the mass storage but can also control the incoming data volume, and clear old events or files.

Tamper-proof storage is possible which allows the creation of applications that satisfy even the requirements of the US FDA medical board.

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