Trend Recording: Chronological Recording of Process Variables

With many process values not only the current value but also its chronological sequence is of interest. For this purpose the VisiWinNET trend system allows the chronological recording of process variables. With a flexible trend chart the values can be displayed clearly on the screen either online or from the recorded archives.

Historical Trending


  • Circular buffer
    • In the memory
    • As a file
  • Follow-up archives
    • Daily, weekly, hourly, …files
    • Volume monitoring
  • Any scaling in the TrendChart
    • Multiple curves
    • One scale per curve
    • Chose, zoom and scroll at runtime
  • Batchwise archiving
    • Trigger-controlled batch change
    • Program-controlled batch change


VisiWin can display the data as an yt or xy diagram. The number of curves as well as the scaling of every individual curve can be freely configured. Logarithmic display and any running direction of the curves are also possible.


VisiWin trends are organized in archives that each commonly define the manner of recording, and also have a common recording file.

The recording of values can be started time-controlled, with the change of a variable or trigger-controlled.

Recording Format

The data are either stored in the main memory or in binary files administrated by VisiWin. This format is optimized with respect tp its size and its writing and reading performance so that we could already handle functions that other systems could not for lack of hard drive volume. VisiWin can export data from the application into different formats.

File Handling

Files can be organized as a circular buffer or as a so-called follow-up archive. With a follow-up archive for example there is a file per day or shift than can also be backed up.

As with other mass data that VisiWin stores the trend system, too, organizes the volume of the stored date, and deletes old data or files from the system if you want. This means that there will never be a full hard disc even after years of permanent operation.

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