Modified VisiWin on KEBA handheld terminals: The internationally active Austrian automation expert KEBA AG and INOSOFT GmbH announced their collaboration at the SPS IPC Drives 2018 in Nuremberg.


Picture on the right: KEBA

Gerhard Luftensteiner (KEBA CEO), Jens Klocke (INOSOFT managing director), Christian Hüttner (KEBA), Stefan Niermann (INOSOFT)




KEBA, the internationally active producer of automation technology is going to complete its portfolio of handheld terminals with the powerful HMI software VisiWin developed by INOSOFT. For optimal user experience, the OEM version of the software was adapted to the specific requirements of handheld terminals, which include the seamless integration of KEBA hardware elements such as switches, buttons, rotators etc. As a matter of course, drivers for any common PLCs are available.

Clients can switch from the KEBA-optimized OEM software to the VisiWin full version and take advantage of its unlimited HMI possibilities. The perfect combination of complete openness and configurable range of functions makes everything possible.

The client is thus offered not only a handheld terminal with a local HMI but, if desired, a complete system with HMI, SCADA and network capabilities, a great functional variety and the handheld terminal as an integral part.