New VisiWin Version 2022-1

With its completely open architecture, our HMI software allows to create open solutions based on standards thus offering unlimited HMI possibilities. Nevertheless, machine manufacturers don’t have to dispense with the countless configurable system functions. VisiWin is constantly further developed—many VisiWin features originate from the close relationship with our customers. Your requirements and good ideas are always appreciated and, if possible, implemented in VisiWin.

The new VisiWin 7 version 2022-1 is now available for download in the Download area of our website. The setup includes the following components:

  • IDE (Visual Studio integration included) (new)
  • Runtime system 7.3 RC2 (new)
  • Runtime system 7.2 SP16 (new)
  • Runtime system 7.1 SP1
  • Runtime system 7.0 SP6


The new designer for custom Web UI controls is the highlight of this version. Custom controls are modules consisting of standard controls that can be reused throughout the project. You can create custom control directly within the project and make individual properties of the included controls public. A custom control can be reused on other pages or views and parameterized using its public properties. Creating recurring contents is much easier and faster now.

Apart from that, the toolbox for web-based applications was extended by new standard controls, e.g. controls that allow to scale the contents or to embed another website.

The integrated OPC UA client can now process structures that were extended in the PLC project without the need to update the VisiWin project.

The VisiWin 7 OPC UA Server was reengineered. The browsing performance has been improved significantly and the Server now supports variable structures. The Server is included in the the VisiWin 7 setup.

As usual, the version comes with a number of improvements and bug fixes, which are listed in the change history.


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