New VisiWin Version 2021-2

With its completely open architecture, our HMI software allows to create open solutions based on standards thus providing unlimited HMI possibilities. Still, machine manufacturers don’t have to dispense with the countless configurable system functions. VisiWin is constantly being developed further—many of VisiWin’s features originate from our close relationship with our clients. Their requirements and good ideas are always appreciated and, if possible, implemented in VisiWin.

The new VisiWin 7 version 2021-1 is now available for download in the Download area of our website. The setup includes the following components:
- IDE (Visual Studio integration included) (new)
- Runtime system 7.3 RC1 (new)
- Runtime system 7.2 SP15 (new)
- Runtime system 7.1 SP1
- Runtime system 7.0 SP6


With VisiWin version 2021-2, INOSOFT continues to focus on platform independency and scalability.

The new 7.3 runtime version includes the new Cross-Platform Server, which was thoroughly tested in cooperation with our OEM partners and is now available to all customers. The new server is offered as an alternative to the existing server. The support for Windows and Linux allows to use VisiWin on a variety of devices and platforms; along with the Windows-based installation, a Linux-based container image is now available on Docker Hub:
The container-based approach allows to run applications in various environments ranging from edge devices to applications in the cloud.

VisiWin 7 Web UI—our solution for browser-based, platform-independent user interfaces—has been extended by new functions. Version 2021-2 includes various improvements of the integrated HTML designer as well as new Web UI controls. For example, the new Donut control allows to compare different variable values at a glace. Furthermore, the new VideoPlayer control allows to play videos, the PDFViewer to view PDF files and the AlarmIndicator indicates the number of pending alarms.

VisiWin 7 Modern UI—the solution for modern, Windows-based application using WPF—has been re-engineered for runtime version 7.3. The new, completely asynchronous implementation makes modern programming techniques using the async/await pattern available to customers. They can now easily implement non-blocking applications with optimum UI responsiveness.

The VisiWin 7 IDE version 2021-2 includes an improved function that allows to compare variables of the project with the variables of an OPC UA server. The new variables import dialog highlights the differences between the HMI and the PLC variables so that variables that no longer exist in the PLC can be removed from the VisiWin project.​

VisiWin 7 2021-2 now also supports Windows 11. To enable an older VisiWin 7 version to support the new Microsoft operating system, just update the USB dongle driver.


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