Latest VisiWin OEM solutions: Lenze EASY UI Designer and KEBA VisiWin for KeTop

Our HMI software VisiWin is a perfect combination of complete openness and a configurable range of functions. Extensible and customizable, it is an ideal platform for made-to-measure OEM solutions.  

The new VisiWin 7 Cross Platform Server expands the possibilities still further. The broad range of supported operating systems (Windows, Linux) and architectures (X86, X64, ARM) allows to integrate VisiWin with PLCs or similar embedded systems. In combination with the HTML5-based VisiWin 7 Web UI Client, VisiWin provides the perfect basis for platform independent OEM solutions. 


Lenze: EASY UI Designer 

Together with the long-time partner Lenze, INOSOFT has developed a new OEM solution for the visualization of machines and lines. The intensive cooperation has brought forth the new EASY UI Designer created by Lenze—and the HMI software VisiWin 7 is the base of the new solution. 

Lenze’s objective was to apply consumer market trends such as gesture control and responsive design to HMI, with a focus on up-to-date design philosophies and optimal user experience. In addition to that, a wide range of target devices such as HMI panels and industrial PCs as well as smartphones and tablets should be supported. Another requirement was to enable direct connection to Lenze’s automation and drive technology without any additional hardware. 

With VisiWin 7 Web UI Client and the new VisiWin 7 Cross Platform Server, which is an integral part of Lenze FAST UI Runtime and thus integrated into the Linux based controllers of the c500 series, these requirements were implemented remarkably well. A customized VisiWin 7 IDE version, which was adapted to Lenze’s specific requirements, makes project creation and development an easy task. Specific UI elements and templates add to the already wide range of functions and allow for a quick and target-oriented HMI project development within the Lenze environment. 

The result is a future-proof, web-based HMI solution with which all Lenze products are equipped as of now. Key elements are the consistent usage of web-based client-server architectures, configurability of the created graphical user interfaces and a library of ready-to-use HMI elements that follow usability principles. 


KEBA VisiWin for KeTop 

The OEM solution VisiWin for KeTop has evolved from the cooperation with the internationally active Austrian automation expert KEBA AG, which began in 2018. Since then, a custom version of the versatile and flexible HMI software has been created for KEBAs handheld operating devices of the KeTop series, specifically the Windows 10 IoT based types. Project templates and controls that can be bound to the device-specific functions of the KeTop handheld operating devices allow for an easy project creation and development. 

The current VisiWin for KeTop 2020-1 version integrates the most recent VisiWin 7 functions and other improvements such as specific project samples. 

Both companies succeeded in building a trustful and fruitful cooperation, which they intend to develop further.




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