INOSOFT GmbH in Hiddenhausen, Germany

The INOSOFT headquarters is located in the area of Ostwestfalen-Lippe. The closest larger city is Bielefeld (at the A2 Autobahn halfway between Hannover and Dortmund).

Its location between the A2 and A30 Autobahns makes Hiddenhausen very convenient to visit. Herford and Bünde are neighbouring towns.

If you are staying overnight we would be happy to make hotel reservations for you. Just let us know.


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(For information on speed cameras please refer to the "no GPS" section.)

Please use the following address for your navigation system:

32120 Hiddenhausen (OT Lippinghausen)

Intersection Lippinghauser Straße / Bünder Straße

Or, for the friends of native navigation:

N52°08.99‘ E008°38.93‘ (WGS 84)

This will take you straight to our premises.

Our postal address has already confused several navigation systems, even if it is unequivocal. This is probably down to the large number of Hiddenhausen boroughs.


Via the A2 Autobahn

Coming from the Northeast (Hannover) you leave the Autobahn at the Herford Ost (No. 30) junction, turning right at the traffic lights towards Herford. Then straight ahead (attention: speed camera before Herford in a 50km/h area) to the city limit. Then further on through the roundabout (another speed camera at the downhill road past the roundabout). Follow the road to the end, then turn right. You are now on Bünder Straße. Follow past the Herford city limit, through the Hiddenhausen borough of Sundern to the borough of Lippinghausen. On your right you will see a large petrol station (Hempelmann) and straight past that you will have reached the INOSOFT premises.

Coming from the Southwest (Dortmund) you will be crossing the so-called Bielefelder Berg. Past that in the downhill 100km/h area there is a set of speed cameras that contributes considerably to the City of Bielefeld income. Leave the Autobahn at the Herford / Bad Salzuflen (No. 29) junction then take the B239 road towards Herford. This dual carriageway is reduced to one lane after a few kms (speed camera in the 70 km/h area). Shortly after there is a large intersection (Mc Donalds) where you turn left. You drive past the Hiddenhausen borough of Sundern, and shortly after reach the borough of Lippinghausen. On your right you will see a large petrol station (Hempelmann) and straight past that you will have reached the INOSOFT premises.

Via the A30 Autobahn

Coming from any direction take the Hiddenhausen (No. 28) junction. Then follow the signposts towards Herford. The next built-up area is the Hiddenhausen borough of Eilshausen. Follow the Bünder Straße further to the borough of Lippinghausen. At the end of a long straight stretch you will find the INOSOFT premises on your left, next to a large petrol station (Hempelmann).


The closest airports are Hannover, Paderborn/Lippstadt and Münster/Osnabrück.

Hannover offers the best transport connections. There is also a large number of car hire companies there. The other two airports are mainly used for holiday traffic. There are, however, some scheduled flight connections, too.


The closest stations with good connections are Herford and Bünde. Both provide an adequate supply of taxis. If at all convenient we would also be happy to pick you up. The next bigger city with ICE connection is Bielefeld.

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