Company History – 35 Years Machine Visualization

The company is founded. INOSOFT is involved with automation systems for the plastics industry. The subject of "visualization" was already a focal point at that time.

The first product is introduced: VisiPro, for process visualization under MS-DOS.

INOSOFT releases further developments related to process visualization including drivers and specialized industry solutions. New employees are recruited to meet the requirements.

Further expansion results in cramped space. INOSOFT moves into new, larger premises.

In the world of process visualization Microsoft is growing in popularity.
INOSOFT discovers Visual Basic, which it regards as a perfect platform for visualization products. With VisiWin the first process visualization software that is entirely integrated in a programming environment is created. VisiWin is launched as a product and presented for the first time at the 1995 Hannover Fair.

DOS is still in demand as a runtime system. VisiWinDOS, a development environment that generates Windows DOS applications, is created. This concept was developed on request from our customer base.

The development around Visual Basic is continuing. The transition form the 16-bit to the 32-bit system is complete.

As a next step of development a new product is launched: VisiWinStudio, reengineered and extended in all major parts, and with a client-server architecture.

To allow for further growth, new premises are built. On the day after the SPS/IPC/Drives trade fair the company moved into the new building in Hiddenhausen. Goods brought back from the exhibition were unloaded straight into the new premises.

Windows CE becomes attractive as an operating system for automation. INOSOFT tackles this subject. The process visualization software VisiWin-X CE and the development of operating system images are a new business area.

The IT world speaks .NET, and we are joining in.
VisiWinNET Professional is the first process visualization software that is integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003.

VisiWinNET 6 for Visual Studio 2005 with a new, independent development environment: VisiWinNET Smart.

VisiWinNET now with WPF support.

Release of VisiWin 7, a machine visualization software based entirely on WPF.
As far as graphics are concerned, anything that a graphics card can produce is now possible. High-quality user interfaces are coming into reach. The first projects with the new partner ERGOSIGN are taking a very positive course.

25 years of INOSOFT!

Foundation of the expert network "HMI Alliance"

Official Release VisiWin 7.0 RTM

30 years of INOSOFT!

Integration INOSOFT Solutions GmbH in INOSOFT GmbH

Launch VisiWin Cross-Platform HMI incl. App for Docker & Co.

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