Krones relies on VisiWin 7

Krones AG (“Krones”), an internationally operating manufacturer and provider of turnkey filling and packaging solutions, presented their new HMI platform based on the VisiWin 7.2 software at the Drinktec 2017 fair in Munich. Krones uses the non-sector-specific HMI software developed by INOSOFT GmbH (“INOSOFT”) for machine operation, process monitoring and data storage. The open, flexible and powerful tool is a keystone of Krones’ future-proof HMI solution, which was created according to Industry 4.0 design principles. Over the course of next year, Krones will successively implement the VisiWin-based “Connected HMI” on their packaging, palletizing and filling machines as well as on parts of process technology lines. The INOSOFT software allows Krones to be even more flexible in creating HMI solutions that are tailored to their customers’ needs. Furthermore, the user interfaces have become even more user-friendly. 

“Companies in the beverage and food industry demand easily customizable and easy-to-use HMI systems. With the new platform, we wanted to minimize complexity for the users while still allowing for the complexity of the HMI applications and the increasing wish for customization. Thanks to VisiWin, we have achieved this goal,” explains Thomas Stauber, Head of Visualisation Systems at Krones. “We were particularly convinced by the openness and the flexibility of the VisiWin software. Developing the new HMI platform was great teamwork.”

VisiWin’s openness is the cornerstone of “Connected HMI”. Software developers at Krones and INOSOFT worked together to create a set of new HMI functions. The convenient VisiWin editor allows application engineers to simply reuse these functions to create customized HMI applications quickly and efficiently. Moreover, with VisiWin, Krones will be able to use the same software platform for nearly all of their machines and lines despite varying requirements. The use of a common basis across different machine types results in a consistent navigation and visualization concept thus improving usability. Furthermore, ease of use and lean programming enhance security and reliability and, as a consequence, machine availability. 

“VisiWin is modular, open and sustainable. Version 7.2 of the software allows to create innovative user interfaces that are ergonomic, intuitive and customizable while offering an unlimited range of functions for logic and interaction. These strengths prove particularly effective for Krones’ high-end machines,” explains Stefan Niermann, sales and marketing manager at INOSOFT. “We are delighted that an industry giant like Krones relies on our software and that we could help develop an innovative HMI platform.”

The INOSOFT software offers three different types of user interfaces (UIs). Krones uses the “Modern UI”, which is based on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), the powerful graphical framework by Microsoft. Complex logic can be implemented and third-party components seamlessly integrated with .NET programming. Modern UI allows to implement high-end animated images as well as sophisticated designs and 3D images. Multi-touch and gesture control is also supported. As an alternative, the UI types “Classic UI” and “Web UI” can also be used. Whereas the former stands for simple HMI solutions and migration from older versions of the software, the latter creates cross-platform user interfaces based on HTML5 and JavaScript for mobile devices.

“The modular design of the software allows us to create HMIs even more quickly implementing the latest UI concepts,” says Stauber. “Our new HMI platform includes an intelligent software concept as well as innovative hardware. The HMI display housing was specially designed to meet the requirements of the beverage industry and exceeds the hygiene standards by far. All materials were carefully chosen: A combination of stainless steel and glass and the application of the hygienic design principles provide for an even more efficient and thorough cleaning.”

Last but not least, the INOSOFT HMI software complies with important international food industry standards such as those of the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). By the way, for machines and lines that are sold internationally, language and country settings can easily be changed.

VisiWin7-based Krones HMI wins iF Design Award

Krones AG, an internationally operating manufacturer of filling and packaging equipment, relies on VisiWin 7 by INOSOFT as an open, flexible and powerful basis for their trendsetting “Connected HMI”. Krones’ HMI won the iF Design Award for its intuitive operator interface and user-friendly and innovative navigational concept. 

For 65 years now, the iF Design Award has been a globally recognized trademark when it comes to excellent design and outstanding user experience (UX). And that’s precisely where the Krones Connected HMI proved persuasive in the communication design category for the jury of 63 international experts.

About Krones:

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Krones AG, headquartered in Neutraubling, Germany, plans, develops, manufactures and installs machines and complete lines for the fields of process, filling and packaging technology. Its product portfolio is rounded off by information technology, factory planning and valve production. Krones’ experience and innovation power as well as the successful integration of mechanical engineering, line expertise, process engineering, microbiology and information technology have made Krones the world’s leading provider of system technology. About 5,500 full and utility patents bear witness to the company’s innovative potential. The main buyers include breweries, beverage companies, the food industry as well as the chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Worldwide, Krones employs about 16,000 people. Approximately 90 per cent of its products are sold abroad. Consolidated sales in 2017 totalled 3,691 billion euros. The Krones Group includes not only Krones AG (M-DAX), but also more than 90 sales and service companies worldwide.

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