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VisiWin – THE Process Visualization Software

Product Overview

Are you looking for a process visualization software for your SCADA / HMI application? VisiWin offers a wide range of modern and classic user interfaces.

Case Studies

Whatever the field of application – whether aircraft construction or packing machines – VisiWin is the all-rounder for your HMI. Read here how VisiWin customers use our process visualization software.


Portable solutions are increasingly coming into focus, not least in the automation industry, in the age of Industry 4.0 and an ever progressing integration.

INOSOFT TV: The new VisiWin product video

Discover now the highlights of VisiWin in our brandnew product video! More videos

just different

Open standards and unparalleled flexibility that allow to fulfill any requirement and make intervention possible where needed. VisiWin provides ready-made solutions without limiting the developer’s creativity. Everything is possible.

always one step ahead

Multi-touch with smartphone feeling, gesture recognition, true 3D graphics, ultramodern design. Generate perfect results for your perfect machine.

really cost-saving

Modularization and customization make creation of re-usable components possible. This approach saves time and resources in the manufacturing of, for example, special-purpose machines.

incredibly fast

Compilation instead of interpretation is the magic word. Complex applications that start within a few seconds and respond to user interaction quickly even on fanless industrial PCs will give you the competitive edge.

flexible licensing

Together we will find the licensing option that suits you best technically and economically. Please contact us.

simply unique

You are looking for a unique and flexible process visualization tool with a competent and committed team behind it? You have just found it. For more information, browse our website or just contact us.

You set your own limits

Discover our VisiWin. The perfect combination of complete openness and configurable range of functions makes everything possible. In VisiWin, all features of a classic HMI software are paired with infinite programming possibilities and the best tools available on the market.

You don’t want to do anything complicated and the tool shouldn’t be complicated either? Just use our VisiWin ready-made components and the numerous approved functions. You can’t wait to finally break through the boundaries of conventional tools and to build a user interface that really gives you a competitive edge? Then VisiWin is the right choice.

VisiWin is an open tool with an extensive range of features and the right solution for small and big tasks in process visualization. Working smoothly with Microsoft Visual Studio and Blend, VisiWin provides possibilities that users of proprietary tools can only dream of. Try and see.

The VisiWin Principle – No Limits

What makes VisiWin different is its openness: VisiWin not only comes with numerous functions but also provides open programming interfaces and works with standard file formats for custom functions and extensions.

Do you want to integrate custom elements into your HMI application, to display an online spare parts catalog or to create a VisiWin project “at the push of a button”? No problem. VisiWin can integrate almost anything you want and – more important – anything that makes your HMI really good.

This concept has been VisiWin’s basic principle for many product generations.


Made in Germany

VisiWin does not come from the US and it is not programmed in India. VisiWin is developed in Germany, East Westphalia.

Your control cabinet certainly contains products from our region. East Westphalia is where many renowned manufacturers of automation engineering products are located.

What does it mean for you? Unbeatable advantages! If you use our software, you will profit from direct contact with our experts.

Should you have any questions, want to discuss concepts or need assistance with problem solution, we are always at your disposal.

Produktentwicklung OWL

30 years experience in automation

Our company was founded in 1985. Since then, automation has been our field of activity and we have been focusing on machine operation and monitoring as well as control room tasks. Concepts such as HMI, SCADA, and process visualization are our “daily bread”.

Our first product ran under DOS, and since VisiWin version 3.1 we have been constantly supporting the Windows platform. Over the last thirty years, we have gained a wealth of experience and consistently tailored our products to our client’s needs.

When you talk to us, you talk to experts.

30 Jahre Erfahrung in der Automatisierungstechnik

Multi-Touch and Gesture Control

What would a smartphone be without the touchscreen? Touchscreens are now everywhere – even on coffee machines.

Virtual screens and holographic projections may be still “up in the air”. However, 3D surfaces, intuitive gesture control and motion effects have become state-of-the-art technologies.

Using these technologies for machine operation can bring a competitive advantage, and VisiWin provides many exciting functions to help you create user interfaces that are fit for the future.

For example, all VisiWin controls are touch-enabled and already include the gesture control feature.

Multitouch und Gestensteuerung

FDA Compliant Applications

If you are a manufacturer of machines and facilities for the health care and food industry and want to supply the US market, your products must be certified by the Food and Drugs Administration.

The FDA CFR 21 Part 11 includes regulations that apply to HMI applications. Hence, the process visualization software employed for the development of the HMI application must include the functions needed to comply with those regulations.

Concepts such as Audit Trail, Electronic Signature and Four-Eyes Principle are nothing new to us. Many FDA compliant applications have already been created with VisiWin.

Umsetzung von FDA-konformen Anwendungen

Parameterization AND Programming

As we know from our longtime experience, requirements for HMI and SCADA applications are not only diverse but also highly demanding.

Even if sometimes the opposite is claimed, mere parameterization is often not enough to meet these requirements. What is the evidence for that? Almost any renowned process visualization tool works with one or more script languages.

So far so good. A small script may help but... Why travel in the economy class if you could choose the 1st class? By using VisiWin, you can combine the best from the two worlds.


Our users start their work in the VisiWin development environment. The VisiWin development environment supports the developer with tasks such as creating a project, configuring the PLC driver, and designing views.

VisiWin is the perfect tool for the creation, implementation and on-site customization of HMI applications.


Extensions, logic, custom controls, tool integration, automatic project creation – these features open up boundless possibilities.

Features that are a home match for VisiWin. VisiWin’s seamless integration with professional tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio and Blend enables you to burst the chains of proprietary tools. C#, VB.NET, and the XAML format leave nothing to be desired.

Once you have tried this open approach, you will never want to work differently.

Parametrieren und Programmieren

Implementing High-Quality UI Designs

As the consumer market shows, market success is not guaranteed by proper engineering and functionality alone. State-of-the-art user interaction concepts, ergonomic design, self-explanatory screen masks and last but not least excellent graphics have become essential features of modern HMIs.

VisiWin is at its best when it comes to professional UI design. With the capability of WPF graphics, the open approach of .NET programming and our reusability concepts, implementation of high-quality HMIs at a reasonable cost becomes feasible.

We have proved that in many projects. Our experience is your advantage.

Umsetzung hochwertiger UI-Designs

Teamwork Made Easy – Using VisiWin for Collaboration

HMI applications are often developed in a team. For optimal results, team members are assigned different tasks and must be well organized. The tasks range from basic development and application design to application setup on the machine and are performed by people with different qualifications.VisiWin includes the necessary tools for optimal collaboration:

Creation of components for efficient project developmentFor the vertical collaboration in teams, VisiWin provides a unique tool. The toolbox, as we call it. A part of the team builds reusable components and, if needed, an application frame. Components and component versions can be tested and then added to the VisiWin toolbox. The other part of the team just reuses the components to create an application for a particular machine. This approach does not only enhances teamwork but also facilitates development and helps improve application reliability.File management, version control, and moreDeveloper teams rely on source code control tools for horizontal collaboration. If a team member wants to edit a file, he or she gets exclusive access to that file. Alternatively, changes made by different team members can be merged after editing. Such tools also support version labelling and branching. With this functions, unclear version stages are a thing of the past.VisiWin users can benefit from all these features.

Teamwork mit VisiWin

Wide Range of Applications – the Best of All Industries

VisiWin is universal in the sense that it is not designed for a particular industry.Of course, some functions that we have implemented for our clients may be specific to their industry sector.

The numerous requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industry are a good example of that. However, once those functions are introduced, clients from other industry sectors often realize that they are quite useful for them, too. A win-win situation for everybody!

VisiWin owes many of its features to this constant dialog with our customers. You can almost feel it when you use our product. See for yourself.

Breites Anwendungsspektrum

Our Process Visualization Software as a Human-Machine Interface

Call it process visualization, HMI, SCADA or just visualization – professionals in the field of automation will understand it as a human-machine interface, whereby “machine” may be replaced by a factory’s entire automated machinery. A pilot’s workplace is the modern cockpit, and car drivers appreciate optimized car controls. A machine operator, however, must deal with machines that may be as relatively simple as compact cars or as extremely complex as jetliners. This fact makes it all the more important that machine operators can access all relevant information and user interface controls easily.
This is exactly the issue that we have been focusing on since 1985. Our company, located in Hiddenhausen, Germany, has about 30 employees. The entire development of VisiWin takes place here in East Westphalia. The VisiWin development environment, the runtime system, the drivers and modules are designed, programmed and maintained here. Our developers are not spread all over the world – you can meet our team and ask them for advice. This is exactly what our clients appreciate, whether they have a small application or a complex one. Our products have been developed in a continuous dialog with our clients. Your wishes and ideas are always welcome and will be implemented in VisiWin if possible.


Krones AG, an internationally operating manufacturer of filling and packaging equipment, relies on VisiWin 7 as an open, flexible and powerful basis for their trendsetting “Connected HMI”.

On a drillship, process value monitoring is an important issue. For this purpose HYDAC have developed their new VisiWinNET-based CM-Expert condition monitoring system for needs-oriented, plannable maintenance providing machine availability coupled with cost minimization.

Liebherr, a world-wide leading manufacturer of construction machinery, recently started using the visualization system VisiWin developed by INOSOFT for diagnostic and maintenance purposes for their ship-to-shore container cranes. A 3D model generated by the powerful software allows to display the whole facility so that operators can quickly locate disturbances. In addition, trend charts and statistical charts based on an analysis of the operating data can be displayed. Another unique selling proposition of VisiWin is its open API for custom developments. Engineers at Liebherr-Components Biberach GmbH used VisiWin to develop a framework for the quick adaptation of the visualization to different crane types.

Have you already lost your heart today? If you want to see how this can happen, you should view the promotional video of our customer HOMAG with its innovative user interface. It is worth it...

ERGOSIGN's Dr. Marcus Plach answers questions on the subject of designing modern, user-friendly operator interfaces.


Learn more about us and our process visualization software. Trade fairs, new products, and new files for download – our News page keeps you up to date with recent INOSOFT events and the latest VisiWin developments.

Application Development

You know exactly what the HMI application you want to use on your machine should do. However, the daily business leaves no time for the implementation? We can help you with that! Our services include the development of turn-key solutions, including design and initial operation.


Do you have any questions or need help with our process visualization software VisiWin? Feel free to call us. Your call will be answered by a competent staff member.

Training courses

When does the next VisiWin basic training course take place? Whenever you want. We will take your specific needs into consideration when designing the course contents. Just bring the requirements for your next project with you. We will work on a solution together.


VisiWin drivers cover almost all established controller types and come with an easy-to-use tool for variables import. Needless to say, a client for OPC Classic and OPC UA is also included. With our driver toolkit, you can even extend VisiWin to communicate with your specific controller.


If you have a special requirement that you do not want to implement by yourself, we will be pleased to do it for you. Let us know what your specific requirements are. We will make you a fair offer.